Ulignano, the village where the hotel Vecchio Asilo is located , is indicated on the most
ancient maps;
An important section of  the "Via Francigena" (so called Romae) passed near by the village,
and many of pilgrims or travelers took their meal or their rest in the HOSPITALES
Della Crocetta di Ulignano o in quello di Torri.

The same road was followed by Louis, king of France,  returning from the third crusade, and
some hundred years later by Dante Aligheri, who traveled from Florence to San Gimignano and
thus, with certainty, crossed on the road which lines the house which today, shelters the hotel.

We have, nowadays, no document which date the construction but we know that the building
had already changed owner for a long time before the destruction of the ancient Castle of
Ulignano.  It was in 1267.

The most considerable story of the ancient "Tower-House" (domus sive turris) is connected to
the agrarian and forest properties, during 12th, 13th and 14th centuries, rich families of trader
and banker belonging to San Gimigano bourgeoisie (Pellari, Tedoldini, Mangeri, Salvucci) and,
later, Florentine bankers Peruzzi and Bardi stemming from the family Guicciardini.

This noble, in 1935, converted it into a magnificent structure of training and educational for
the children of Uligano, in honor of the memory of his son Luigi, died 12 years earlier.

Some years after the end of the Second World War, Count Paolo Guiccardini gave to the
Church its “Asilo”; managed by nuns,  it kept its function  and was maintained until the end
of the 80’s.

We arrive in our days; after being abandoned, the ex-" Asilo " was bought, at the beginning of
The 90's, by the Capezzuoli family (native of Uligano) who started converting it in an hotel,
bringing to the surface some primitive architectural peculiarities of  the building.

The Capezzuoli family immortalizes the tradition of welcome and haven of peace which
characterized, through the centuries, this antique building .
Vecchio Asilo FR Vecchio Asilo
The Vecchio  Asilo San Gimignano
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